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Strategic: “Expected impact: A more efficient urban freight distribution system and a sustainable European transport and mobility network within urban centres efficiently linked with long distance transportation.” –(EU 2011 Calls for Proposals — PPP European Green Cars Initiative, Urban- interurban shipments) 

Smartfusion is a necessary and essential step to improving the sustainability and competitiveness of European freight transport systems. The main impacts can be summarized as follows:

  • Demonstrating the simultaneous implementation and operation of urban consolidation centres, vehicle telematics systems and urban freight policy measures.
  • Devising a standardised and objective methodology for data collection and analysis, as well as impact assessment, across the demonstrations, that can also be used by other future freight projects.
  • Developing a Smart Urban Freight Designer tool that will allow other urban policy makers, users and operators to consider the potential applicability of these solutions to their city-regions and supply chains.
  • Determining the critical success factors in stimulating the market uptake of new vehicle technology and other logistics innovations tested in the project, thereby increasing the viability of the implementation of the innovations in other city-regions and supply chains.

The work of Smartfusion is based on past and ongoing research activities and focuses on developing an integrated concept for urban-interurban logistics solutions focusing on last mile processes.

It will promote and implement the concept of green fleets in urban delivery, building on work of the EC Green Car Initiative.



eu flag Smartfusion is co-ordinated and managed by NewRail.

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This Project is being funded by the European Commission, 
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement No. 285195