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CILT(UK) - Aspects of Rail & Urban Logistics - 21st May, 2014







CILT Professional Sector Events 

Aspects of Rail & Urban Logistics - Joint Meeting with the Transport Statistics Users Group

The first two speakers will talk about railfreight.

Mike Garratt, Managing Director, MDS will talk about work he has been doing recently on national rail freight forecasts, and some of the implications of these forecasts for capacity. 

Maggie Simpson, Executive Director, Rail Freight Group will talk about how RFG and its freight industry members are collaborating on how the rail forecasts can be achieved, and will discuss some links with how recent HS2 developments will provide extra capacity.

Then three speakers will cover developments in urban logistics, and last mile delivery, focusing on the some of the data issues in this area. 

Claudia Piccioni, a Project Manager at the Institute of Sustainability will provide an introduction to the LaMiLo project, its aims and scope, and touch on the collection of data to add to the limited information now available on the last mile in urban logistics. IoS is the Lead Partner with substantial other UK involvement. LaMiLo covers activities in seven NW European countries, partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

Matt Turpin, a Senior Consultant in Freight and Logistics at AECOM will talk about some recent work he has done (for TfL/RAC Foundation) on van traffic and the measurement of van activity, and some of the gaps which remain in van traffic data and on their use in last mile deliveries.

Steve Hannon, Chief Executive of Postal and Logistics Consulting Worldwide, will present information on Royal Mail's delivery density and systems and show where they are currently changing from walking and bikes to trolleys and vans, illuminating the competition between postal (foot and trolley) and parcel delivery operator (van) for urban deliveries.

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