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Guideline for DMF Process - Available for Public Download

Smartfusion are pleased to announce that a major output of WP1 - Guideline for DMF processes for transferability to other regions is now available for public download. 

The initial stakeholder analysis of Smartfusion was supported by the application of the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) methodology within Work Package 1 (WP1), which is an evolution of the Logical Framework Analysis. Both these methodologies have been used widely by NGOs, financing institutions such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and the European Commission to reach consensus and create support for selected solutions through intensive stakeholder consultation.

Application of this methodology is a novelty in European Research projects within the Framework Program, however, and can be considered as an innovation in research project design in itself. The consortium applies the methodology to design the local Demonstrators and set up the project Monitoring Framework. The results consist of fully detailed Design and Monitoring Framework tables and a detailed design and specifications of the Demonstrators, including all relevant components such as the cargo to be transported, the vehicle to be used, the transport link where it will be applied, the innovations to be tested, who are responsible for the different components, etc.

 The document can now be downloaded here

Smart Urban Freight Conference 2014

Urban Freight Conf 2014-Logo smallOrganised by NewRail & POLIS, the event took place on 12th June, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

This unique event brought together several European Research Projects and industry stakeholders to discuss the following common themes and topics:

  • Urban Logistics & Transport Operators
  • Low Emission Vehicle Technologies
  • Policy Initiatives & Business Models
  • Urban Logistics as a commercial opportunity

Visit the Confernece Event Page to read the full event write up, and find links to downloads of event posters and micro lectures.

Smartfusion at ECOMM 2014


Smartfusion took part in the City Logistics Session at ECOMM  (The European Conference on Mobility Management), which took place on 7th – 9th May 2014, in Florence, Italy.

In the session the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) methodology within Work Package 1 (WP1), which is an evolution of the Logical Framework Analysis was described to an audience of Researchers, industry experts and policymakers.

Further information about ECOMM can be found on the conference website:

 A copy of the presentation can be download here

Smartfusion at TRA 2014

Smartfusion took part in the Freight & Logistics II Session at TRA (The Transport Research Arena), which took place on 14th – 17th April 2014, in Paris, France.

Smartfusion submitted a paper and presented a poster based on the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) methodology within Work Package 1 (WP1), which is an evolution of the Logical Framework Analysis, entitled, Engaging city stakeholders to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly urban freight movements 

The poster and paper can now be downloaded here 

Further information about TRA can be found on the conference website:

Como Trial - Update

como-trailLast week the Demonstration of Smartfusion in Como took place. The trial was based on the distribution of cargo from the Merci In Centro Consolidation Centre, to locations within the LTZ (Limited Traffic Zone).

This was achieved by using an Eclectic IVECO vehicle developed by CRF (Centro RIcerche Fiat), the vehicle has software to monitor the operations and performance including battery state. The route for the deliveries was planned using a trip planning software developed by PTV

The Trial involved the co-operation the following partners.







Further information regarding the Como Trial and the demonstrations in Berlin and Newcastle will follow soon.

Newcastle University Staff Delivery Survey

Newcastle University has a Coherent Campus policy to improve the quality of life on the campus. This includes pedestrianised areas and the reduction of vehicles on site.

As part of managing the deliveries of goods and services to site we carried out a survey of how we, the staff of Newcastle University, order goods both for work and ourselves. The prize was a draw for a tablet. 

We are pleased to announce that from a random draw of 400 participants one name was picked by the random draw service and having spoken to her we are happy to say that Joanne Wilson is the winner of the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

We had over 700 and we shall present a summary of the results in June.

The service we used was randompicker and the draw outcome can be viewed here. If you would like to find out more about Further information about the Newcastle University Coherent Campus Policy can be found here



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