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Enhanced Transfer Programme (ETP) kick's off

On the May 16th, in Milan, Italy the first Smartfusion Enhanced Transfer Programme (ETP) meeting took place this meeting looked at the output of Work Package 1 - Design and Monitoring Frameworks, the methodology used for three demonstration cities and it’s transferability to other regions. Presentation from the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment reporting about Berlin, Gruppo Clas, providing feedback regarding Como and NewRail giving an overview regarding Newcastle University. Each city outlined the key finding from each of the DMF processes at the demonstration sites. This was followed by a further presentation from Panteia regarding the DMF methodology. The day ended with a question and answer session the ETP members were given this opportunity to question both the methodology and finding from the whole process.

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The Smartfusion Enhanced Transfer Programme (ETP) members are key stakeholders, from the public and private sector, academics, and local authorities, working in the field of urban logistics. The aim is to provide a mentoring process, whereby city-regions can develop their expertise in the field, thus supporting the transferability of innovation to other regions in Europe. The Region of Emilia-Romagna (Italy), and the cities of Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Oslo (Norway) are part of this group. In addition, Austria Tech, CNC-Logistica (Spain) and the Swedish organization Lindholmen Science Park will bring to the ETP a view from national programmes on clean vehicles and urban freight. Finally, the University of Insubria in Italy and the Belgian Vrij Universiteit Brussel (VUB) will complement the ETP with their academic point of view. The members of the ETP are involved in different European initiatives with which Smartfusion seeks to establish further cooperation, including projects such as FREVUE, STRAIGHTSOL and WINN.

The following day the Smartfusion Consortium met to discuss the ongoing progress of the project, now 13 months into the 36 month project. This meeting was held in another of Region Lombardy offices the on the 26th Floor of Palazzo Pirelli offering stunning panoramic views out over Milan.




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