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Close-up SmartFusion: Como participating in the EU project to streamline the delivery services of goods.

"It's called SmartFusion and is a project of the European Community for the improvement of urban logistics, which involves 14 partners from seven countries (Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Germany, Sweden) including Lombardy Region. "SmartFusion aims to rationalize the services of the urban distribution of goods with a view to reducing pollution and traffic, with three experiments: in Berlin, Newcastle and Como," said the commissioner of Commerce of the Lombardy Region Ms. Margherita Peroni, speaking at the presentation to the Chamber of Commerce of Como.

The trial in the city of Como, medieval city and then a suffocation risk if the traffic is not well organized, provides, inter alia, the testing of electric and hybrid vehicles in the distribution of goods, the rationalization of routes with the use of systems Advanced Navigation with particular attention to the improvement of dangerous goods and how to use the logistic platforms.

"The objective of the demonstration project in Como - said the commissioner Peroni – “is testing a remote monitoring system for environmentally friendly vehicles capable of allowing dynamic management of activities, integrating forecasting of energy consumption and algorithms for scheduling deliveries in urban and interurban”. Our commitment - said the councilor – “is to improve the quality of life in our cities and in accordance with the economic realities of the citizens. In this battle we are not alone. The European Union is with us. "

The project will last three years (from April 2012 to March 2015) and will be financed, by the European Community as part of the 7th Green CAR program, FP7 framework.

The Original Article (in Italian) can be found online at FERPRESS - Milan, 8th October 2012



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This Project is being funded by the European Commission, 
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement No. 285195