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DMF Train the facilitator Workshop

The project is supported by the application of the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) methodology within Work Package 1 (WP1), which is an evolution of the Logical Framework Analysis. Both these methodologies have been used widely by NGOs, financing institutions such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and the European Commission to reach consensus and create support for selected solutions through intensive stakeholder consultation.

Application of this methodology is a novelty in European Research projects within the Framework Program, however, and can be considered as an innovation in research project design in itself. The consortium applies the methodology to design the local Demonstrators and set up the project Monitoring Framework. The results consist of fully detailed Design and Monitoring Framework tables and a detailed designs and specifications of the Demonstrators, including all relevant components such as the cargo to be transported, the vehicle to be used, the transport link where it will be applied, the innovations to be tested, who are responsible for the different components, etc. In each demonstration city two workshop will be held: the first to bring all stakeholders together and agree on the main objectives and approach of the Demonstrators; the second to finalise Demonstrator designs and specifications and formalisation of the DMF-tables.

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Panteia, as WP1 Leader, held in Zoetermeer a “Train the Facilitator” Workshop in order to present the DMF methodology and its application to Smartfusion as well as to discuss on the proceedings for each local workshop. More specifically, the agenda entailed the following:

-     Presentation of the DMF-methodology and its applications to Smartfusion

-     Discussion on the role of the facilitator

-     Discussion on progress of organisation and action plans of the local Demonstrators and formulation of next steps.

The TtF workshop participants consisted of (1) the project coordinator (UNEW), (2) WP1 team responsible for supporting the local demonstrator partners in the application of the DMF-methodology and for reporting (Panteia/NEA), (3) the project partners responsible for running the Demonstrators in the participating cities, (4) the WP3 leader (Gruppo CLAS) and (5) the WP4 leader (UoW), responsible for the impact assessments. The Demonstrators will be organised by the local authority in liaison with the local research partner: Berlin Senate-PTV, Lombardy Region/Como-Gruppo CLAS and Newcastle City Council-UNEW.





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This Project is being funded by the European Commission, 
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement No. 285195