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Newcastle Stakeholder Workshop - February 2013

The second Newcastle Smartfusion Stakeholder Workshop took place on 21st February 2013.  This workshop invited key stakeholders together to discuss freight operations on and around the Newcastle University City Centre Campus.  With selected Newcastle University stakeholders from the Procurement department and the Estates department, University researchers and local government transport planners. The process was to first identify potential interventions and, after a round table discussion of potential actions, attendees filled in cards, both singly and jointly, with:

  • The nature of an intervention;
  • Who can do it;
  • The effects of intervention, and
  • The monitoring data.

The synthesised problem tree from the first workshop was presented and used to map the completed cards onto the new problem tree.

Photo 13-03-2013 14 40 15

Following the third workshop an objective analysis tree was created, using an adaptation of the problem tree. As the DMF guideline described, objective analysis and alternative analysis are analytical tools to specify the desired future situation. In practice the identified problems in the tree (as concluded from the first workshops) and the interventions raised to address the problems (as obtained from the second workshop) are transformed into objectives and this can be seen below. The alternatives can then be identified and analysed further.


Photo 13-03-2013 14 43 01

The output for the Newcastle, Berlin & Como will be disseminated further in subsequent articles and Newsletters.



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